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Body care kits

Body care kits

After 30 years the skin loses its elasticity, becomes more prone to appearance of wrinkles, inflammations and dryness. Such factors as bad environmental conditions, ultraviolet radiation and constant stress promote skin aging. Professional body care sets by Lara Schön help to prevent appearance of early lines, lift and smooth aging skin.


Features of sets and its ingredients

Professional body skin care sets for women over 30 are assembled for any skin type. They will moisturize dry skin, calm down skin prone to irritation, firm and improve aged skin of women over 40, protect problem skin from appearance of pimples and acne.


Our skin care products comprise only natural, top-quality components, valuable oils and vitamins:



Vitamins A, E;

ginkgo biloba;

Chili pepper and coffee beans;

Almond oil and grapeseed oil;

Olive oil and karite oil;

Essential oils of citrus, geranium, cinnamon;

Oat hydrolate.


Scrub purifies the skin from dead cells, help to speed up blood circulation and prolong youth and healthy look of skin.

Creams moisturize, tone up and lift the skin.


Advantages of skin care sets:

Cosmetic products in a set intensify effect of each next product and are gathered for achievement of the necessary result. Skin care set is a perfect gift for your wife, mother, sister of friend.

Products of the set cost less than those bought separately.


Features of effect and diversity of sets


Body care set №12

This set has a pronounced exfoliating, ant cellulite, nourishing and rejuvenating effect due to high penetration of its components into the  deep skin layers. By regular usage, you will see a quick result. Intensive microcirculation will provide skin cells with maximum of oxygen.


The set consists of 2 products:


Supreme Butter Tender Body Treatment Butter with Lavender Oil. This soufflé has a soft and light texture. It regenerates cell membrane due to a vast quantity of essential fatty acids. Quickly absorbed by the skin, it does not leave greasy traces and makes the skin smooth and silky.  


 Exotic FlowersExfoliator removes rough skin, cleans the skin from stagnant sebum, removes «orange peel skin», nourishes, moisturizes and lifts the skin. The scrub contains base oils (almond, avocado), vitamins A and E, essential oils (citrus, geranium, cinnamon) that stimulate metabolism.


 Body care set №11

This set has a more intensive moisturizing, regenerating and anti-inflammatory effect. It is perfect for usage during autumn and winter periods.


The set consists of 2 products:


Cream IntensiveBody Treatment. During winter period the skin needs special care as it does not get enough of sunlight and vitamins that we get freely during warm time of the year. Winds and cold enforce skin vessels to narrow and that causes circulatory disturbance.The skin becomes loose, irritated and prone to inflammations.


Exotic FlowersExfoliator.

Daily use of the scrub provides rejuvenation and lift of the skin. It becomes clean, young and looks fresh. Cane sugar and coffee beans in its formula remove dead skin cells and toxic matters from the upper layer of the skin. Natural oils of almond and avocado nourish and moisturize the skin.

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