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Face care kits

Face care kits

Lara Schön face skin care sets are a collection of three or five products that are combined in accordance with their action and the expected effect. Among advantages of such sets are attractive prices, as well as professional combination of products in accordance with skin type and state. Face skin care sets are created for women who would like to lift up, nourish, and moisture their skin.


Young and blemish-prone skin care

 Young and blemish-prone skin care set consists of base care products: cleansing foam, nourishing and moisturizing day cream, concentrate that regulates function of sebaceous glands.  Mask with red wine Cabernet Sauvignon (Beauty Mask Luxury Care Enzyme Cabernet Sauvignon) and Toner are added to an extended version of the set. Natural components of these products provide young skin with nourishment and moisture.

  Blemish-prone skin needs special care. There are three products in the special set: Birch Tar Moleculas Mask,

Optimizer VIP Hydralife Active Formula and Purity Touch Cosmetic Cream-Soap for Face with Birch Tar.

Optional products help to give more thorough care Optimizer VIP Moisturizing & Optimizing and Bamboo Purifying Toner help to sooth the skin, solve the problem of dryness and tonify skin with the help of natural extracts.

 Mature skin collections and luxury sets

 Mature skin and extremely dry skin set is made for skin defence during winter time. Purity Touch Cosmetic Cream-Soap for Face, Cell Regenerator Super Nourishing Phyto Cell Complex and Cell Regenerator Serum (Q10&Collagen Marine) clean your skin carefully, nourish cells with useful substances and abirritate the skin efficiently. There is also an Oxygen Generator Foam Wash for Face Iris Florentina Purifying Toner in extended version of set.

 Lifting care for mature skin involves effective cell repair and nourishment. Cell Regenerator Serum (Q10 &Collagen Marine), Supreme Cream Formatting day and Supreme XO Formatting Night products sculpture

facial contours, firm and lift your skin. There are also Beauty Cream Luxury Care and Cell-Nutrition Chocolate, Avocado and Carite Deep Touch in the set of five products for even better results.


Lux set composes the most effective Lara Schön cosmetic products. Three base products - Beauty Cream Luxury Care with red wine Cabernet Sauvignon, Beauty Elixir Luxury Care and Alga Marine Luxury Treatment Eye Cream-mask.

When used regularly, these products firm the skin and speed up metabolic process. Supreme XO Formatting Night and Cell Regenerato Hydrolifeactive+Karite Moleculas are included into the luxury set of five cosmetic products.


When choosing your skin care set, please consider individual characteristics of your skin, including its type and your age. Regular care helps to improve your skin appearance, making it healthy and attractive. 

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