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               Family story of the name  Schön tells us about its start more than 350 years ago. High in the Alpine meadows around the Traunsee Lake, ancestress of the dynasty, Maria Sсhön, started to gather herbs and berries and study their useful properties. She dried them up, fit them together in various ways, and stewed them with oils and beeswax for long hours. Her beauty and youth formulas were passed on from generation to generation.

           Maria’s sons and their families continued to develop their family business.Together with the monks of the Altmünster Monastery they started to manufacture healing infusions, oil balms and essences from the alpine herbs and berries. The manufacture grew and began to be science-based. Among numerous certificates in the family archive, Certificate of Herbalist can be found. In 1905 Julius Schön got his diploma in Vienna.

          A while later, they started to formulate soothing and whitening creams for keepingskin young and beautiful. Family valuesand traditions are kept in Austria reverently. The Sсhön family preserved their authentic style and careful attitude to the formulas that came down the ages. Manufacture of ingredients and essences from wild berries has kept its basic principles. It is completed by scientific approach, research of properties of plants that grow in arctic climate. The products of the Schön dynasty are amark of their pride, as the raw materials used for them, are unique. Extracts and essences from herbs that survive in harsh weather conditions of the Austrian Alps provide cosmetic products with extraordinary efficacy. For only strong and robust plants can grow at the height of 2800 meters and more.Products with snowy algae, which grow at the top of the Alps where snow stays forever, show extraordinary effectiveness.Important topic in the recent research of the Schön laboratory is the study of phytosterols and meristematic cells that possess stunning rejuvenate properties.

             Lara Schön manufacture uses only natural ecologically-clean raw materials, certified according to the worldwide standards. Mrs Lara Sсhön, muse and visionary encourager of the brand, joined the family several years ago.  Merger of the two families and their assets gave new possibilities. Years of research in the field of youth and beauty as well as tandem of scientists and beauty-technologists support constant improvement of formulas, textures and results of usage of Lara Schöncosmetic products.

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